Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, October 5, 2023 -- Phagelux AgriHealth Inc. (“Phagelux”) today announced an increase to its management team.  Mark Engel, Chairman and CEO of Phagelux, stated, “Today I am pleased to announce that as our company grows, we are able to add to our already very talented team. In addition, I am able to announce one significant increase in responsibilities.” These additions and changes are as follows:

  • Matthew Tebeau joins as Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining Phagelux, Matt was the COO of Proteon Pharmaceuticals, a biotech firm eliminating the unnecessary use of antibiotics in livestock farming and aquaculture. In addition to his global responsibilities at Phagelux, Matt will also be leading efforts to expand Phagelux’s European presence.

  • Di Chen has been named as VP, China Operations, increasing his previous responsibilities in Phagelux. Di Chen has been with the company for two years. He previously worked at Simcere Pharmaceuticals and has extensive business and team management experience. 

There are also two additions to the Board of Directors:

  • Joachim Hasenmaier joins as an Independent Board member. Joachim’s currently serves as Chairman, Director, or investor for multiple agriculture companies. Before that he was at Boehringer Ingelheim for almost 20 years with increasing responsibilities up to Member of the Board of Managing Directors and heading BI's 4 Billion Euros plus animal health division.

  • Dirk Ehle joins as an independent Board member. Dirk currently serves as Board Member, Investor and Advisor to multiple companies with a focus on life sciences. Before that he was an Executive Vice President at Elanco Animal Health and prior to that he headed Bayer Animal Health.

Mark Engel added, “Our corporate goals for 2024 include the expansion of global operations, additional global, regional and local collaborations, the expansion of our industry-leading product pipeline, and a continued strong top and bottom-line financial growth. Our very talented team shares the vision of building a world-class profitable company that can cost-effectively improve agricultural out-puts while reducing the need for antibiotics and heavy chemicals.”

About Phagelux

Phagelux is a leading producer of bacteriophage products for agriculture. The company has manufacturing facilities in Salt Lake City, USA and Nanjing, China, with additional factories under early-stage planning.  The company offers about 20 products for crop sciences, animal health, and food safety. These products aim to provide cost-effective alternatives to harmful chemicals and antibiotics.