Crop Sciences

We Provide Green and Environmental Friendly Bacteriophage Solutions to Help Growers Prevent Bacterial Diseases and Improve Crop Yields.

Phagelux AgriHealth recognizes agriculture as one of the most important markets in the world. Nations in every corner of the globe depend on crop yields for consumption and export revenues. Bacterial disease is one of the single largest natural threats to agricultural food production. Bacterial disease affects crops in every region of the world and is largely responsible for crop destruction, reduced yields, and rejection of otherwise usable resources.


Our products are designed to treat several bacterial plant pathogens without affecting existing micro flora and fauna. Our aim is to resolve the growing global concern regarding the treatment of bacterial plant pathogens, particularly in light of increased bacterial resistance to antibiotics and the tremendous residues being accumulated from the use of hazardous chemicals. 


Perhaps the most intriguing feature of our AgriPhage product line (US market brand) and other crop science products, is their ability to provide control over bacterial infection while potentially increasing fruit size and yield. Our US EPA registered products have received exemptions for Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) and have only a 4 hour re-entry interval (REI) for farm workers. In addition, our AgriPhage line has been approved by EPA through the USDA's National Organic Program (NOP) and is labeled "FOR USE IN ORGANIC PRODUCTION". 


Our US subsidiary OmniLytics has spent over 15 years developing and testing AgriPhage formulas to meet the needs of the agricultural industry. 


We holds a unique and coveted first-to-market position in the crop sciences market. Our experience, technology, and market position set us apart as the world leader in bacteriophage solutions for agriculture. 

For more information on our AgriPhage products visit www.agriphage.com.

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