Animal Health

We Provide Bacteriophage Solutions to Improve the Health of Livestock, Poultry, Aquaculture and Other Animals

Animal health is closely related to human health. Many infectious diseases can be transmitted between humans and animals. In addition, drug residues in animals, including antibiotics and chemicals, will also damage human health.


Antibiotic resistance is a global public health crisis. An important factor that may lead to human drug resistance is the overuse of antibiotics in agriculture and animals. Because of the increasing demand for meat industry, some countries have allowed antibiotics to be used as growth promoters in order to make animals grow faster. In addition, antibiotics are widely used to prevent and treat livestocks' diseases. The overuse of antibiotics increases the risk of transmitting drug resistant bacteria from agriculture to human.


Bacteriophages - a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to develop feed additives and therapeutic preparations. 


As the world's leading agricultural bacteriophages solution company, Phagelux AgriHealth's products in the field of animal health include treatments for: (1) pullorum, avian typhoid, acute septicemia, diarrhea, etc. in chickens; (2) exudative epidermitis and yellow/white diarrhea of piglet, sow endomitritis, etc.; (3) cow mastitis, cow endomitritis, calf diarrhea, etc.; and (4) early motality syndome (EMS, or AHPND) in shrimps. Phagelux AgriHealth is also allocating significant resources to creating a line of phage-enhanced feed additives. We hope to replace products that utilize antibiotics as growth promoters.

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