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Animal health is closely related to human health. Many infectious diseases and parasites can be transmitted between humans and animals. In addition, drug residues in animals including antibiotics and chemicals will also damage human health, with the animals being made into food.

Antibiotic resistance is a global public health crisis. An important factor that may lead to human drug resistance is the overuse of antibiotics in agriculture and animals. Because of the demand of meat industry, some countries have been using antibiotics as growth promoters to make animals grow faster. In addition, antibiotics are widely used to prevent and treat livestocks’diseases. Animals using antibiotics may increase the risk of infecting directly or transmitting drug resistant bacteria of“resistant genes from agriculture to human pathogens”.

Phages, as a new effective antibacterial factor, can be used to develop feed additives and therapeutic preparations. It is applied to animal husbandry and control of bacterial infections in animals, which is an effective alternative to antibiotics. However, bacteriophages do not have any adverse effects on humans, animals and other beneficial microorganisms. Therefore, our products will not become a threat to the long-term accumulation of harmful residues.

As the world's leading agricultural bacteriophages solution company, Phagelux AgriHealth's products in the field of animal health include LUMON, LUNIN, LUZON , LUXON etc., by using bacteriophages to replace antibiotics and chemicals to control bacterial infections in cattle, chickens, pigs and shrimps, so as to reduce animal diseases and increase production. In view of the increasingly stringent global ban on growth-promoting antibiotic feed additives, Phagelux AgriHealth is developing a partnership-oriented research on bacteriophages feed additives to meet the growing market demands.


Provide phage solutions to control Staph, E. 
coli, P. aeruginosa, Salmonella or K. 
pneumoniae infections in cattle farms, to 
reduce the occurrence of cow mastitis, cow 
endomitritis, calf diarrhea, etc.


Provide phage solutions to control Staph, E. 
coli, P. aeruginosa or Salmonella infections
in chicken farms, to reduce the occurrence 
of pullorum, avian typhoid, acute septicemia in poultry, air sacculitis, enteritis, synovitis of the 
joint, inflammation of the eyeball, etc.


Provide phage solutions to control Staph, E. 
coli, P. aeruginosa or Salmonella infections
in pig farms, to reduce the occurrence of 
piglet exudative epidermitis, swine paratyhoid, 
swine edema disease, yellow / white diarrhea 
of piglet, sow endomitritis, etc.


Using phages to control Early Motality 
Syndome (EMS, or AHPND) in shrimps 
caused by Vibrio parahaemolyticus.